The Death of Democratic Politics

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Politics is now a dis-honorable profession. It has become one in which the greed for power and money is purchased at the cost of one’s character and integrity. It is the practice of chicanery, the art of deceiving one’s constituents into believing something that has little or no bearing whatsoever on conduct, behavior, or policy once in office. Our elected officials are purchased by mega-donors and corporate interests for purposes of policy and legislation. And since they are legally owned, politicians are technically (although not functionally) free of corruption. It would be helpful if, instead of suits & ties, our politicos would wear NASCAR-like jumpsuits so that we might clearly identify who sponsors them and most influences their behavior.

Politics now has become so Party-centric and Money-driven that there is little political motivation to act honestly for the good of the People. Until we find a way to remove the moneyed interests, eliminate gerrymandering, and establish term limits there is not much room for optimism.


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