"Suprematism" was an early 20th century art movement founded by the Russian artist Kazimir Malevich (1878-1935). Malevich emphasized the use of abstract geometric forms with a severely limited palette rather than the visual depiction of objects. The result, he believed, would render Suprematist work superior to all of the art of the past. Malevich's painting in the MOMA, "White on White," is among the more well known of his works. It depicts a white square, portrayed off center and at an angle on a ground which is also a white square of a slightly warmer tone.

My riff on "white" parodies the Malevich work with a deliberate nod in a more contemporary direction as a young, attractive, female viewer appears to balance the geometric form from the painting on the tip of her finger. The 'artist' of this painting is obviously not Malevich but another Russian named 'VLAD' -- perhaps a shortened form of Vladimir.