Meet Bodhidharma. This wandering rascal came to China c. 6th century to inaugurate Chan Buddhism (Zen). Legend has it that he was summoned by Emperor Wu, a generous patron of Buddhism who built many temples & universities. The Emperor wanted to know from Bohidharma, "What merit have I earned?" NONE was the reply. "Then what is the meaning of sacred truth?" asked Wu. LIMITLESSLY OPEN, NOTHING SACRED was the answer. Confounded, the Emperor inquired, "Then tell me, Who are you?" I DON'T KNOW, said Bodhidharma. Thereupon he left to sit facing a wall for 9 years before he was ready to teach.

Bodhidharma took residence at Shaolin Monastery where he is credited with the invention of Kung Fu. Often confused with being merely a martial art, kung fu essentially is any art engaged in with great effort, time, & devotion -- the wall.