What is the most important thing about a work of art? Too often--and most especially in The Art World--it’s ‘who the artist is.’ But what if we don’t know? Then it makes the artwork much harder to commodify. We might actually have to consider the art itself!

The title of this painting is deceptive. 'Selfie,' does not mean it's a self-portrait. It’s not me even though I did it. And Banksy's tag beneath the portrait? it's not a portrait of him either...or maybe it is.

Who is ‘Banksy’? We don’t know. But it’s not like we haven’t tried to find out. Geographic profiling (a technique used by police) has been employed to discover the Banksy identity; some say he’s a painter & decorator from Bristol, England, named Robin Banks, others that he is a member of the rock band, Massive Attack, or that “he” is really “she.” Still others have argued “Banksy” is actually an “art collective” and not an individual at all!

The most fundamental koan in Zen is: ‘Who are you?‘ It’s not your name nor the sum of what you do. It’s the most essential quality of your being human.