When Jesus said, "consider the lilies of the field, how they grow..." he was calling attention to a basic fact that all life shares -- flowers, potatoes, and persons alike. We do not grow alone nor entirely of our own doing. The flower cannot grow by itself without soil, sun, and water. And when the flower blossoms it does not first think about how to do it, what color it will be, who it is associating with, or whether it will be noticed and loved. When it blossoms it just blossoms; it becomes what it is without a thought.

In the 1950s while living in Japan Paul Reps, a picturepoet and haiku-inspired artist/author, painted a poem he entitled, "cucumber unaccountably cucumbering," and later published a little broadside he called, "Ask a Potato". In his work Reps is getting at the same thing Jesus was -- how to think.