16 x 20 | flashe water media


  1. Larry Bassett
    October 15, 2017

    Still available?

    • Larry Bowden
      November 9, 2017

      By all means you will have first refusal when the time comes. Thank.


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The image is taken from Japanese printmaker Ohara Kosan (1877 - 1945). Kosan did a number of crows but none to my knowledge with blue eyes. Does that mean this isn't really a crow? Maybe it's just 'a feathered thing.' Hmmm.

None the less crows have had human appeal for centuries across cultures -- maybe because they're humorous, maybe because they clean up garbage, maybe because they're so social, seem happy living anywhere, and enjoy making mischief rarely doing anyone or anything harm. Or maybe it's because they speak their mind...and when enough is enough they let you know, eh?