It’s All About Quality

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While I was in Savannah last month I had the opportunity to review the Kirk Varnedoe Collection at the Jepson Center. Varnedoe, the Chief Curator of painting & sculpture at MOMA (1988 – 2001), was a deeply connected Savannah native and one who, according to the NY Times, “helped to reshape MOMA’s collection and philosophy and in so doing created a broader public understanding of modern art.” Controversial though he may have been…for those paying attention he raised fundamental questions about the nature of “art,” its meaning and place in contemporary culture. For example, in the current exhibit at the Jepson he ponders the insane prices sometimes realized by “newly discovered”  artwork from masters that may or may not be authentic. He asks, “Is value purely an issue of originality? Or quality? Why is a bad original valued more than a good copy?”

Exactly! Any ideas…?? I’d love to know what you think.

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